Hey my name is Brittany McDonald and I am your photographer, but I am also your friend. I have a family of four very hyper happy kids and an amazing husband. But it wasn’t always like that, I was a single mommy to one for four years before My husband and I got together. It was tight at first but after having our third baby we were able to have me stay home and be with the kids. I loved it, but I think they got sick of me bugging them to play legos all the time.
   I was able to work in a studio for a couple months (maternity issues had me leave) and this is how most sessions go. By the time the family makes it back one kid takes off so while mom gets the littlest one ready the dad chases the runaway. Yay ok they are all ready and coming out the the studio area and baby spits up so we need to clean that up while mom and dad are aiding the baby the other kids all of a sudden get supper hungry. After some words with mom the kids are ready, we get a handful of pictures (none with all the kids looking and alot of “wait” “stay” “ look at me” later) then its time to do one on one. we get the older ones done no problem then the toddlers kinda goof off but we get it. Now the babies turn, the baby who was sleeping the whole time just now decides to wake up and eat. while the baby is being fed the kids start jumping off the walls being so bored. cause now they have nothing to do. Mom and dad start getting upset trying to keep the kids calm because now the photographer is getting annoyed just sitting around. Baby burps and goes back to sleep. time to take the pictures. During the pictures the little ones just start crying from being bored the older ones complain they want food mom is getting upset and yells the baby wakes up.... by the end they pay way over $200 cause they charge by the hour no matter how the children were and you get maybe 5 useable pictures. If this sounds like something you have been threw please message me and tell me you are this family and I will give you a session for 50% off to show you there is light out there.
      So I finally decided I wanted my own company, one that people would feel comfortable and felt like their wishes were heard. I don’t have to stare at your pictures for ever, you do, you should get what you want. The things I live by for my photography company. First: not charge an arm and a leg for a few photos. I still need to make a living but I will always understand that a lot of families out there don’t get pictures done because they cant afford it, I was one of them. Second: kids don’t sit and smile on demand, and if yours does you have an amazing kiddo. For the ones who don’t, I will take my time and do my best with your child to make sure they are happy and comfortable with me. Even if I have to put the camera down and play with them, I will do it! Third: I will always put my heart first and not my wallet.
I can’t wait to work with you and play with your kiddos.
Your Friend,
Brittany McDonald

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